From Tokyo Station  Kamakura Station ( 1 hour by Train )
From Yokohama Station  Kamakura Station ( 30 mins by Train )

Explain simbols : Transportations, ( ) indicates approx length of time of transtport

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: Local Cuisines

Transportations Kamakura Station ~ Hase Station ( Enoshima-Dentetsu, 5 mins )
When you arrive at Kamakura Station, change the train to Enoshima-Dentetsu Line as known as “Eno-Den”. Trains of Enoden are used more than 50 years and some of the trains that has wooden floors are still active in service which is very rare for trains. There is an one day pass called “Nori-Ori kun” costs ¥600- available for Eno-Den for enjoying your day in Kamakura fully.
“Nori-Ori Kun” :

Sightseeing Spot Kotoku-in (30 minutes)

Kotoku-in have become a well-known, popular spot as a “Kamakura Daibutsu” or “Hase no Daibutsu”.
HP :

kamakura daibutsu buddha

Sightseeing Spot Hase-Dera, Hase Temple (1 hour)
Kamakura Kannon Zo, the statue of the Kannon, is really overwhelming. There are several great spots where you can see beautiful Shonan Sea from Hase Shrine. It is well known of many colors and lots of hydrangea, the flower called Ajisai in Japanese, in early Summer.

kamakura hasedera

Local Cuisines Chikara Mochi Ya
Japanese confectionery shop since Edo period. Chikara Mochi, its name of the shop is famous and delicious. There are two types of Chikara Mochi which are sweetened and mashed azuki beans type and finely mashed red-bean paste type wrapped by Gyuhi, which is like rice cake. The latter can be purchased from one piece.

Transportations Hase Station ~ Enoshima Station (Enoshima-Dentetsu, 5 mins)

Sightseeing Spot Enoshima (2 hours)

Local Cuisines Shirasu Don (young sardine with rice)
Representative food of Kamakura. You should try raw young sardine very fresh and delicious. It depends on the season whether you can try in raw or not since fishing young sardines is prohibited in January to March every year.

Local Cuisines Shirasu Ice Cream (young sardine ice cream)
Ice cream containing grounded young sardine.

Local Cuisines Tako Senbei (Octopus Rice Cracker)
Great for eating while walking.

Local Cuisines Enoshima Waffle
Available in a stylish cafe in Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden.

kamakura enoshima

Transportations Enoshima ~ Kamakura High School Mae

Sightseeing Spot Railroad Crossing in front of Kamakura High School (10 mins)
There is a same railroad crossing as in the opening animation of the “Sram Dank” as a famous animation of Basketball.

kamakura railroad crossing

Transportations Kamakura High School Mae ~ Kamakura Station (Enoshima Dentetsu, 19 mins)

Sightseeing Spot Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu (30 mins)

Symbol of Kamakura

kamakura tsurugaoka hachimangu

Sightseeing Spot Komachi Dori, Komachi Street (60 mins)

You can enjoy eating while walking and choosing souvenir since there are a lot of shops lined up in the approach to the Yasaka Jinja Shrine.

Local Cuisines Hato Sable
Classic and Standard gift or souvenir of Kamakura. Great for presents since it is a long-life sweet.

Local Cuisines Kamakura Custar
Famous sweets of the shop called “New German”. Fluffy sponge cake dough with custard cream rich in milk in it.

kamakura komachidori

Transportations Kamakura Station ~ Yokohama Station ~ Shin yokohama Station (40 mins)

Sightseeing Spot Local Cuisines Shin yokohama Ra-men Museum
Inside the Museum you will see the replication of the townscape of Showa period which is very tasteful. You can enjoy the various types of Ramen of nine shops from all over Japan.

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum