ZIP TRIP JAPAN a travel agency (*) is located in Japan. As a tour planner, we provide you a unique tour according to your request. It is our pleasure if you get to know more about Japan. Our vision is to enrich the world by connecting everyone to Japanese beauty and Japanese life.

* LAND OPERATOR No.10 of Chiba, Licensed by Chiba Prefectural Governor
Chiba prefecture governor Travel Business Registration 3-992

会社概要 (Japanese)

In Japan, there are a lot of interesting places like castles, traditional gardens, old cities and nature,etc. We would love to provide you an opportunity to fall in love with those various sightseeing destinations. Japanese temples, shrines, mountains, houses… those unique aspects have continuously created Japanese unique culture. It is hard to understand all of Japan by just one time visit. We would like to offer you various places to visit so that you can really get to know Japan’s many attractive aspects. We believe our service will enhance your curiosity and interest. Travel is intangible but it gives you precious time and lasting as a memory forever. We will do our best to meet your request, by listening your internal voice.


Planning Itinerary for German Travel Company and making reservations of Hotels in Spring 2018 (10 days Tokyo-Osaka)

Planning Itinerary for German Travel Company and making reservations of Hotels in Autumn 2018 (10 days Tokyo-Osaka)

Planning Itinerary for Domestic Entertainment Company and making reservations of Hotels in Summer 2018 (2 days Tokyo)

Planning Itinerary for German Travel Company and making reservations of Hotels in Spring 2019 (11 days Tokyo-Osaka)


Our specialists are at the heart of ZIP TRIP JAPAN. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures.


President & Founder

As founder and CEO, Aya leads the company with excellence.

MBA from the Keio Business School of the Keio university

Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor

Her major career of four years in Oil field industrial company shows her strength in  both physical and mental way. She has learned how to coordinate general planes and also learned to lead the team in order to execute production plans when she worked as a production planner in the company.

She has traveled over 40 prefectures in Japan and loves Japan very much. Also loves to travel all over the world and have communications to international people. Through these travels around the world, she re-finds Japan as Japan itself also have many wonderful places and magnificent things to see but not yet well known to the oversea world. The strongest reason why she came up with founding this company.

Debby Hsu

Chief Travel Planner

As an enthusiastic travel planner, nobody exceeds to her. 

Hsu goes to Japan once or twice a year from 2012. She still remember the first time she went to Nagoya for meeting my friends. Thanks for their hospitality, she ate a lot of delicious food, experienced how to make soba, saw beautiful scenery. But that’s not all, the most unforgettable experience for her is the summer fireworks. She has never seen such splendid fireworks before.

Spring and summer are her most favorite seasons. First, Sakura, the cherry blossom, almost stands for spring in Japan. It’s hard to imagine the numerous of cherry blossoms appear in your eyes with elegant manners swinging by the wind. The other one is summer because of the different festivals. One of the notable festivals is Gion matsuri, in Kyoto. During the festival, not only Japanese themselves but also foreign tourists gather to see the parade. Everyone in the procession is dressed in traditional costume standing by the floats.