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ZIP TRIP JAPAN, a travel agency (*) is located in Japan. We provide you a unique tour according to your request. It is our pleasure if you get to know more about Japan. Our vision is to enrich the world by connecting everyone to Japanese beauty and Japanese life.

* Chiba prefecture governor Travel Business Registration 3-992



We can accept all request from around 8 months ago. If you would like to organize a tour in the peak season of the trip (spring and autumn), please apply at least around 6 months in advance.

It will be by bank transfer by yen only.

No, we do not make arrangement for airplanes oversea. Arrangement on airplanes in Japan only is possible.

Anything is possible! Skiing trip, Cherry blossom seeing tour, “Washoku” the Japanese cuisine tour, Surfing tour, Luxury experience tour, Factory tour on business, historical tour on shrines and temples, Medical tours, etc… We will make a proposal according to your request.

It will mainly be on e-mails. We can talk in Japanese, Russian, German and English. Also we can talk on  “Whatsup”, too.

Yes it is possible. Please ask us on e-mail.

We will handle dedicated insurance for visitors, such as hospital accommodation in foreign languages ​​in case of emergency, so please ask about the information.

  1. After your request of an estimate, we will offer you an itinerary consulting with you.
  2. We will give you an estimate budget and itinerary.
  3. If you are satisfied with the offer, please pay the budget by bank transfer
  4. We will fix the reservations and everything determinate.
  5. We will e-mail you the confirmation form.
  6. Please enjoy your trip in Japan!
  7. If anything happens during the trip, please feel free to contact us.

30% charge of all the cost for 7 days before the “Day 1” of the itinerary

40% charge of all the cost for 6 days before the “Day 1” of the itinerary

50% charge of all the cost for 1 day before the “Day 1” of the itinerary

100% charge of all the cost for Day 1 of the itinerary

We will pay you back by bank transfer deducting above charge.

The payment will be by bank transfer by yen, Paypal, credit card (VISA, Mastercard) is corresponded.

No. You don’t need any commission for an estimate. The arrangement fee for hotels etc depends on the cases, so please inquire to us.

Yes there is. We Zip Trip Japan will offer you an very original travel itinerary according to your request. It is possible to make a proposal for you to stay at a private residences that major agencies cannot offer. Also, since we are developing original contents with local administrations and we possess experienced tour guide, we can make various proposals with flexibility using our experienced unique knowledge.

For travelers from abroad, we will accept your request from short term trips such as few hours from arrival to the airport to your hotel or one night stay and of course long term stay as well. We will accept travels on an average of 7 nights.