Kizakura is one of the famous sake companies in Fushimi(伏見),Kyoto. Fushimi district is traditional sake brewing district along Horikawa River in southern Kyoto. Since Azuchi-Momoyama (安土桃山)period, sake has been produced in this area. One important thing to produce sake is– abundant supply of clean water. Thanks to the clean, soft water that flows in abundance from the river’s underground springs, the district is home to nearly 40 sake breweries.  Kizakura has start its business about 60 years ago. It is much younger than other breweries in Fushimi. Normally, it becomes weak point if you have short history in sake business, but they turns this disadvantage to advantage by challenging other business like running a restaurant.

Any difference between other sake factories?

Compared with Gekkeikan (月桂冠), which is a sake giant company in Fushimi is very interesting! Both factories are open to public and located in Fushimi, but they are totally different. Gekkeikan is an old and giant company, while Kizakura is a young company. In sake industry, it was considered having “history” is brand. How can Kizakura compete with other breweries without any brand? For example, Kizakura produced sake for women who had not targeted from other companies. Now they starts producing craft-beer. Gekkeikan is also an interesting company.  They considered Quality is the top of priority ( see their policy below). In order to pursue its quality, they has researched for a long time and developed sake production system with whole year. At that time, sake is depend on climate and difficult to produce for whole year. Gekkeikan is the first company to produce sake for whole year. If you understand their business & policy, then it will be more interesting!

Gekkeikan Kizakura
Policy QUALITY、CREATIVITY、HUMANITY  Keep challenging according to the needs of the age with cherish its tradition
Business Manufacturing and sales for sake mainly,

or import & sale German beer, German wine,

and French wine.

Manufacturing groceries (sake, craft-beer, etc)
Running restaurants, a izakaya, or other shops
Established year 1637 1925 ( young!)
About factory tour Small plant(月桂冠酒香房),next to memorial hall is built for 70th anniversary.

In this plant, you can see  fermentation process of moromi through the glasses

You can see current factory of sake and beer inside through the glasses with one time.
Sake tasting ×
Price Adults:300 yen,Children:100yen

(from junior high school students)
(For minors, postcard will be handed.)

Free of charge
Shop/ Restaurant Shop Shop & restaurant
 Access Near a station Shuttle Bus is available from a nearest station

Access & Information

By public transportation
・From Keihan honsen Chushojima(中書島) station
20 min to walk from the station(※shuttle bus is avaiable, see below chart)

By Car
Hanshin Expressway No. 8 Kyoto Route
・「From the Fushimi exit」5 min
・「From the Jonanngu-south exit」10 min

Parking lot is available.

Shuttle bus time schedule

Kizakura factory


Kappa country Parking lot Chushojima station

Kizakura factory


    10:00 Arrival
10:45 10:55 11:00 Arrival
11:45 11:55 12:00 Arrival
12:45 12:55 13:00 Arrival
13:45 13:55 14:00 Arrival
14:45 14:55 15:00 Arrival

※ Only for getting out


Hana Gozen (花御膳) 1,620 yen

Kizakura Memorial hall (黄桜記念館)

Introducing sake with video, panel or other exhibitions.

Kizakura Shop(黄桜ショップ)

Open hour: 10:00-20:00

You can get sake, beer, or original goods which is sold only in this shop.


If you want to go Kizakura factory tour, you need to reserve in advance by phone.
Phone hour: 10:00-16:00

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