What is kisokoma?

Mt.Kisokoma, which is shorten for Kiso Koma-ga-take(木曽駒ケ岳), is located in Nagano Prefecture. It is the tallest peak in the Kiso mountains, which is 2,956m(9,698 ft). The Kiso mountains is called the Central Alps and “A Japanese roof” since its peak has 3000-meter-class. Kisokoma is very popular because it has ropeway and easy to climb up to the summit with just 7 min and a half. Near Senjyoujiki station(千畳敷), there is a hotel, restaurant and cafe. Another reason for its popularity is, its accessibility. Although most mountains are hard to access by public transportation, Kisokoma can be accessed by public transportation and can go on a day trip from Tokyo or Osaka. You can see the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, and even Mt. Fuji when the sky is clear.

About nature

What is Senjojiki?

It is cirque which is carved by ice gracie and formed curved ground about 20,000 years ago. Senjojiki is named after its large space looks like a thousand slice of tatami. There are  a lot of alpine plant and stone pine flourish like green blanket. You can enjoy alpine nature.

There is a stair over the big stones. You had better put on mountain shoes.

You can see sun-rise from sky clouds early in the morning.

You can have full of stars in the sky and wonderful night view.

Recommended Route

For a day trip:” Climb up to the summit of Kisokoma” Route

Duration: 120 min for going/ 80 min for return


Going: Senjyojiki station(千畳敷)–(50min)–Houken-dake(宝剣山)–(30min)–Nakadake(中岳)–(40 min)–Kisokoma summit

Return: Kisokoma summit–(35 min)–Nakadake–(15 min)–Nokkoshi-jyoudo(乗越浄土)–(30 min)–Senjyojiki

For a one night trip: “Climb up to the summit of Kisokoma and glacial lake” Route

As Day 1, take above trail, and as for Day 2, take below trail with staying at Kiso hutte, which is near the summit of Kisokoma.

Duration: 260 min

Route:  Kiso hutte–(10 min)–Kisokoma summit–(100 min)–Nouga-ike(濃ヶ池)–(120 min)–Nokkoshi-jyoudo–(30 min)–Senjyojiki

※Nouga-ike is a glacial lake

Staying at Kisokoma

There is 4 choices to stay at Kisokoma.

1 Hutte

I prefer to stay at a hutte since you will have chance to soak into the Japanese culture. Of course, it is not comfortable and clean but you can have conversation with a owner. You need to call hutte for reservation. There is a hutte right down the summit of Kisokoma.

Tel :0264-52-3882

Period: Golden week( from end of April to beginning of May and from beginning of July to November 3rd)

Price: 8000 yen including 2 meals and 6000 for no meals

2 Hotel

In Senjojiki, there is Senjojiki hotel.If you want to stay more comfortably,  hotel is the best choice to stay at. Furthermore, you can reserve by official website(japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.)

3 Mountain villa

There are three villa around Kisokoma, which are near Kisokoma summit(1), and near Houken-zan(2)

Price: 6200 yen/ppl ( meal not included) and 8700 yen/ppl ( 2 meals included)

tel: 090-5507-6345(From July- beginning of Nov.)

090-7804-2185 (Other season)

official website

4 Camping

1000 yen per person. You need to bring all the stuff for camping and pay for using water to villa near Kisokoma summit  in front of the camping space. No reservation needed.

Access and information

Mount Kiso Koma-ga-take

By train

last stop: JR Komagane station(駒ヶ根駅)

From Komagane station, take a local bus bound for Shirabi-daira station for ropeway (45 min)

By car

  • From Tokyo to Komagane IC (3 hours and 30 min)
  • Get off the highway at Komagane IC and parked at Suga-no-dai Bus center(菅の台) (3 min)
  • Take a local bus bound for Shirabi-daira station for ropeway (30 min)

By highway bus from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya

There is a highway bus stopped Komagane IC from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Get off Komagane IC(駒ヶ根IC) and walk 3 min to local bus stop then go to Shirabi-daira station.

How to come from Tokyo?

Show sample itinerary from Tokyo. It changes by day you are going to. please check each transportation company.

6:55 Shinjyuku(新宿)  –> check time schedule for highway bus

10:18 Komagane highway IC

(3 min walk-> map)

10:21 Nyotai-iriguchi(女体入口)–>check time schedule for local bus (2017)

10:37 take local bus

11:15 Shirabi-daira (ropeway station) and take a ropeway

11:23 Senjojiki

(enjoy Kisokoma)

16:50 Shirabi-daira

17:30 Nyotai-iriguchi

17:33 Komagane IC

17:50 take highway bus

21:15 Shinjyuku station

There is a special transportation ticket available in Shinjyuku. It is just 10,000 yen, all transportation included. ( usually, it takes 11,500 yen)