We offer you special tours with three different categories, factory, nature and festival. They all show Japan’s deep sides and you will get to know more about Japan. Please ask freely if you want to attend tours.

Factory tour

What do you imagine when you hear the word “Japan”? You may say, “Manufacturing” for automobile and electronic devices. How about visiting  those factories to learn a little more about why Japanese industrial products are high quality.



Japan has an amazing nature. Approximately 70% of the land covered with forest, which is considered to be one of the best among developed countries. Japan also has plenty of marine resources. Furthermore, because of frequent earthquakes, Japan has very unique coastlines.. Let us share this breathtaking scenery generated from Nature in Japan.


Japanese Festival

A festival is a moment in which you feel its culture most. Japan is not an exception for that. In Japan, there are many local festivals unique to its own land. Some festivals are showing gratitude to gods for rich harvest and for their protection of grains from storms, or wishing for rich harvest. Some places do not have fixed dates for those festivals, but if you have chance, you will encounter these wonderful moments.



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