Traveling down through Japan from TOKYO to Osaka in Spring (9 days)

Zip Trip Japan proudly offer you this tour travel down through Japan where you can feel the breezy wind of spring and the historical atmosphere of townscapes protected for a long time. Starting your tour in Tokyo and end it in Osaka, passing Hakone, Nagano, Gifu, and Kyoto. Late March is the best season of Cherry-Blossoms. You will be welcomed by fully bloomed Cherry-Blossoms everywhere you go.

Visiting Cities:-
Shinjuku, Asakusa, Hakone, Moto-hakone, Nagano, Matsumoto, Shirakawa-Go, Takayama, Kyoto, Arashiyama, Osaka, Nara.

Tokyo (3 nights) – Matsumoto (1 night) – Takayama (1 night) – Kyoto (1 night) – Osaka (2 nights).

Day 1 Arrival in Tokyo (Accommodation in Tokyo)
Arrival in Narita International Airport / Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) in the Afternoon.
This day is a free day after your check in to the hotel.


Day 2 Tokyo sightseeing (Accommodation in Tokyo)
AM09:00  Pick-up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Tour Guide
AM09:30  Imperial Palace Tokyo
AM10:45  Imperial Park Shinjuku
PM00:15  Asakusa
PM01:00  Sightseeing without guide
Free time for the rest of the day

tokyo sumida river

Day 3 Hakone Sightseeing (Accomodation in Tokyo)

AM08:30 Pick up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Tour Guide.
Tour bus to Hakone (about 2 hours)  
AM10:40 Arrival in HakoneOwakudani
Hakone cableway (one way)
PM00:00 Excursion ship of Lake Ashino-Ko to Tohgendai  
PM00:30 Moto-Hakone
PM01:30 Hakone Sekisyo (Checkpoint)
PM02:00 Imperial Park Hakone
PM02:45 To Hata-juku  
PM03:00 Hatajuku Hamamatsuya (“Yosegi” a Japanese traditional parquet craft)
PM03:30 Back to Tokyo by Tour bus (about 2 hours 30 minutes)  
PM06:00 Arrival in your hotel in Tokyo
hakone sight seeing cruisehakone yosegi zaiku

Day 4 Nagano Sightseeing (Accommodation in Matsumoto)

AM09:00 Check Out / Pick up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Tour Guide
AM09:30 Tokyo Station: Train to Nagano (about 1 hour)  
AM10:30 Arrival in Nagano train station
(Public transport)
AM11:00 Zenkoji Temple
PM00:00 Lunch in Japanese Restaurant
PM01:00 Nagano Station: Tour bus to Jigokudani Monkey Park (about 30 minutes)  
PM02:00 Jigokudani Monkey Park
PM03:30 Tour bus to Matsumoto (about 1 hour)  
PM05:00 Arrival in your hotel in Matsumoto
snow monkey

Day 5 Matsumoto and Shirakawa-Go Sightseeing (Accommodation in Takayama)

AM08:30 Check Out / Pick up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Tour Guide
AM09:00 Matsumoto Castle
PM00:00 Tour bus to Shirakawa-go (about 3 hours)  
PM01:00 (Lunch)
PM03:00 Ogimachi lookout platform (Shirakawa-go)
PM03:15 Tour bus to Kanda-ke  
PM03:35 Kanda-ke
PM04:45 Tour bus to Takayama (about 1 hour)  
PM06:00 Arrival in your hotel in Takayama
gifu shirakawago

Day 6 Takayama Sightseeing and Kyoto Optional tour (Accommodation in Kyoto)

AM08:30 Check Out / Pick up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Tour Guide
AM09:00 Takayama Jin’ya
AM10:00 Tour of Takayama on your own (Kami-Sanno-machi)
AM10:50 To Takayama Station
AM11:30 Train to Kyoto 
PM02:09 Transfer at Nagoya Station
PM02:45 Arrival in Kyoto Station
PM03:00 Check in for your hotel
PM03:40 Leave Hotel for Fushimi Inari by train 
PM04:00 Fushimi Inari
PM05:20 Back to Hotel  


PM06:30 Geisha Performance
PM08:00 Teppanyaki Course for Dinner

Day 7 Arashiyama, Kyoto Sightseeing and Sake Museum (Accommodation in Osaka)

AM08:30 Check Out / Pick up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Guide
Tour bus to Arashiyama passes by Heian Shrine  
AM09:30 Golden Pavilions (Kinkakuji Temple)
AM10:30 Bus to Arashiyama  
AM11:10 Strolling in Arashiyama
PM00:10 Lunch (Togetsukyo Bridge)
PM01:10 Bamboo Forest
PM02:29 Arashiyama Station 
PM02:49 Kameoka Station
Leave Kameoka Station by Bus  
PM03:50 Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum
PM04:30 Leave for Osaka  
PM05:30 Arrival in your hotel in Osaka
kyoto arashiyama bambookyoto sagano romantic train

Day 8 Nara and Osaka Sightseeing (Accommodation in Osaka)

AM09:00 Pick up in the lobby area of your hotel by a Tour Guide
Kintetsu Train to Nara 
AM10:10 Kintetsu Nara Station
AM10:30 Todaiji Temple
Nara Park
Kasugataisha Shrine
PM00:00 Leave for Kintetsu Nara Station and Lunch time
PM01:30 To Osaka 
PM02:30 Osaka Castle
PM04:00 To Kuromon Market 
PM04:30 Kuromon Market
PM05:20 To Namba
PM05:30 Arrival in your hotel
naraosaka castle

 Day 9 Return Trip to your home
Return Trip from Kansai International Airport

Plans can be changed or assembled as you like.
We can help you plan your dream travel!

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