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ZIP TRIP JAPAN, a travel agency (*) is located in Japan. We provide you a unique tour according to your request. It is our pleasure if you get to know more about Japan. Our vision is to enrich the world by connecting everyone to Japanese beauty and Japanese life.

* Chiba prefecture governor Travel Business Registration 3-1080


Yes, Russian citizens need to have Visa to enter Japan. We can make itinerary and hotel information for visa purpose with included price. please contact us.

Although many establishments accept credit cards, it is also advisable to bring dollars in cash and exchange them for yen at the airport in Japan. In rural areas or admission fee for temples sometimes accept cash only.

From the first day in Japan we will give you advice and suggestions of places to eat, according to your tastes. If you wish, we can give you restaurant recommendations for each of the days. In case you hire the guide service, we can accompany you and even help you ask.

All the seasons of the year have a charm, although we have two peak season, which is spring and autumn. When spring,  with cherry blossoms coming out, street and sky are covered with pink and Autumn, falling leaves are decorated street and mountain with yellow and red. Of course, in summer we can observe many traditional festivals and in winter we can breath clean air and see white landscape. You can also contact us and we will advise you the date of departure.

Once we have the itinerary closed, we will send you some choice of hotels with information and photos that we consider most convenient for you, according to location and budget. You tell us which one you like the most and we take care of the rest.

We can accept all request from around 8 months ago. If you would like to organize a tour in the peak season of the trip (spring and autumn), please apply at least around 6 months in advance.

No, we do not make arrangement for airplanes oversea. Arrangement on airplanes in Japan only is possible.

Please check our packages and find best itinerary for you. Of course, it is customized according to your request and flight. Best season for Japan trip are both end of March and November.

It will mainly be on e-mails. We can talk in Japanese, Russian, German and English. Also we can talk on  “Whatsup”, too.

Yes it is possible. Please ask us on e-mail.

We will handle inbound tourism insurance for visitors, which offers 24 hours help desk in English and no cash is required when you are in hospital. We recommend to buy this insurance.

  1. Contact us letting us know your interests.
  2. We start working until we have the best trip for you and we send you a Proposal of Itinerary.
  3. If you agree with the itinerary, you make a payment of 15% of the total cost as a deposit or total cost. From this moment the dates and itinerary are insured for you.
  4. We make reservations and arrangements for your trip and in less than 48 hours we send you a document with evidence of reservation of accommodations and a confirmation key.
  5. Once you have made the total payment of the package, we will send by email or mail(if preferable) the documentation of your trip, with the detailed itinerary, the hotel confirmation keys, travel advice according to the season, your JR Pass (if applicable), the expected climate, data of places to visit, etc.
  6. You travel, we meet you at the airport and you enjoy Japan! It is important to note that at all times we are in contact with you through social networks (Skype, WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.).

30% charge of all the cost for 7 days before the “Day 1” of the itinerary

40% charge of all the cost for 6 days before the “Day 1” of the itinerary

50% charge of all the cost for 1 day before the “Day 1” of the itinerary

100% charge of all the cost for Day 1 of the itinerary

We will pay you back by bank transfer deducting above charge.

The payment will be by bank transfer by yen or dollar, credit card (VISA, Mastercard) is corresponded.

No. We do not charge any cost for an estimate. please feel free to inquire to us.

Yes there is. We Zip Trip Japan will offer you an very original travel itinerary according to your request. It is possible to make a proposal for you to stay at a private residences that major agencies cannot offer. Also, since we are developing original contents with local administrations and we possess experienced tour guide, we can make various proposals with flexibility using our experienced unique knowledge.

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