Enjoy the beautiful deep blue ocean of Okinawa where you can feel the warmth of Sun shining in the sky most of the year. Spend two full days of diving in Naha and one day trip to Kerama islands for the astonishing diving experience. Kerama Islands Sea boasts one of the world’s best transparency and have amazing Coral reef with so many kinds of colorful tropical fishes. You can enjoy the beauty of “Kerama Blue” not only for diving and snorkeling but also just for swimming in the sea.

Visiting Cities; – Onnason, Okinawa/ Kerama Islands, Okinawa/ Shinjuku, Tokyo.

(You can pick one island to visit for the day trip of Day 4 from Tokashiki island, Zamami island and Aka island.)

Recommended Seasons;- End of March Early October

Day 1 Onnason, Okinawa (Accommodation in Onnason)

Arrival at Naha Airport in Okinawa.
To your Hotel in Onnason by a private bus, (about 1 hour)

okinawa naha airport

Day 2 & 3 Onnason, Okinawa (Accommodations in Onnason)

Free day in Onnason, Okinawa
(Two full days of Diving can be enjoyed!!)

onnason okinawa

Day 4 Kerama Islands and Naha, Okinawa (Accommodation in Naha)

AM 07:30 Assemble in your hotel lobby.
Guide will take you to one of the Kerama islands for a day-trip
Leave your Hotel for Ferry by private bus

 AM 09:00 To Kerama islands by ferry From Naha port.
~Diving in Kerama islands sea~
PM 04:00 Leave the island for Naha by ferry
Sightseeing in Naha city for yourself
PM 05:00 Leave Naha for your hotel
PM 06:00 Back to your hotel

kerama island okinawa

Day 5 Shinjuku, Tokyo (Accommodation in Shinjuku)

AM 08:00 Assemble in hotel lobby, and go to Naha Airport by private bus
AM 11:45 Fly to Haneda Airport
 PM 01:55 Arrival at Haneda Airport
 PM 03:00 Leave Airport for your Hotel in Shinjuku by a limousine bus.
 PM 04:00 Arrival at your Hotel in Shinjuku
Enjoy an exotic night life in Tokyo

shinjuku tokyo

Day 6 Fly back home

Take a limousine bus from hotel to Narita airport. And fly back home